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Friday, May 8, 2009

Is There Anything That Can't be Made Better With Meat?

I just got my free Google business cards today. They offered a promotion for 25 free cards pointing to your online profile here is a scan (poorly scanned). 
and then I see this Techcrunch article about these Meatcards.

 Unretouched photo.  The laser sears the meat, and leaves it this color.

I really need to re-evaluate my business cards.


Aaron said...

How do you find these things. First there was the choclate covered bacon, and then there was Baconaisse (which Oprah had on her show a couple weeks ago so that will go mainstream soon), now there is meat cards!

Not that I am complaining because knowing about all these things has enriched my life, I am just amazed that you find these thing!

Scott said...

It is a bizarre gift.