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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bestest TV Shows of All Time

I don't know how I managed to have a little extra time to actually write a blog entry. Lately it seems like there is so much going on during the day I can't do it and then in the evening I am so brain drained I don't want to write.

Since a couple of shows I like have ended recently, either for the season or for good, I have been thinking about television a lot lately. The main focus of those thoughts has been what would I choose if I had to choose my favorite shows of all time. This was a harder choice than I thought it would be, and it it would be very easy to make all kinds of qualifications and exceptions to the list. Since I am a geek and we like to over analyze these sorts of things i decided to make a couple of lists and cheat my own rules. so here they are.
Gun to My Head Top Five List:
1. Lost
5.  Macguyver

I chose these because I enjoyed them immensley at the time I watched them and looked forward to watching them with antcipation every week. I also have very fond memories of them. After looking at the list though I realized I must have some sort of man crush on Richard Dean Anderson since he has appeared in three of the shows. Some of the shows haven't held up all that well to repeated viewings and The Simpsons has had severe swings in quality (which is not surprising after beuing on for nearly 20 years). Overall though these are very fun shows that kept me coming back for more.

If I had to choose the top 5 shows I am currently watching the list would be a bit different.
Top Five Current Shows:
1. Lost (obviously)
2. Chuck Cake sings the theme song, what is not to like?
3. Better Off Ted relatively new, but this show just kills me.
4. The Office Dwight is awesome. It reminds me of when I worked for Ampco System Parking for some reason.
5. Fringe I still think it is weird to see Pacey from Dawson's Creek on this show (which is weird since I never watched Dawson's Creek). 

I planned to include several other top fives, but then I realized I could be making these lists for hours and I need to get other stuff done. I will revisit this idea with some genre top fives like cop shows, medical shows, lawyer shows, etc.

What are your top fives in these two categories?


SpringRose said...

Top 5 Currently Watching

1 - Big Love (when in season)
2 - TrueBlood (when in season)
3 - Army Wives
4 - Fringe
5 - Mentalist

Raspberry said...

I've been watching Stargate SG-1 on Hulu and I am so addicted! They have such great stories that I'm drawn in as much as I am when I read a great book. Good stuff!

Scott said...

Fringe and Mentalist just missed my list. True Blood looks cool, but I don't have the proper channel to watch it.

I don't know if I have ever met anyone who has actually watched Stargate that doesn't like it you are right about it drawing you in.

Aaron said...

What about Big Bang Theory? It is one of the best shows I have seen in a LONG LONG time. The Season finale for season 2 is next week.

I am surprised it wasn't on your list. If you haven't seen it, you should take a peak at it. Maybe go on hulu or something and catch up on the first season.

The 5 main character, 3 are PHD physicits, 1 is a Masters in ME and 2 of the physicits live across the hall from an aspiring actress.

The 4 smart ones are clueless and have various social interaction issues and you throw Penny in the mix and it is hilarious. Trust me, well worth the watch.

a quote from last week, "I think space toilet humor would get less funny with repitition, I was wrong. Apparently, here is no law of diminishing returns on the humor of space poop."

The guy with the ME has a toilet that was put in use on the space station and he realized he had a design flaw and got the guys involved fixing it and they all made a ton of "space poop" jokes that were hilarious.

Trus me, you have got to pick this show up and watch it and then it will be on your top 5 list.

As to you list, never watched lost, never got into the Stargate much and I need to watch the office, just haven't though.

Scott said...

I have watched a couple of clips of the BBT and they were very funny but I have never caught a whole episode I will have to Hulu it.