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Friday, April 3, 2009

New Publication

I know it isn't really all that exciting, but I had a long awaited publication from when I worked at the Utah Geological Survey finally come out. It is about Groundwater in the wetlands in Farmington Bay neart the Great Salt Lake. Here is a link to the pdf


Aaron said...

Thank you Scott. This is the one thing my life has been missing. Ryan always used to give me his geo publications and I kept them at my bed side and used them as the most effective sleep aids I could ever find.

In the move, I lost Ryan's publications and have been having trouble sleeping. Now I have yours to use. Thank you! ;P

J/K Congrats, I opened it up and glanced at it, but figured a full read would not be a good thing at work, so will have to open it up this evening when I get home.

Scott said...

Well I aim to please.