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Monday, April 6, 2009

If I am Not Careful I May Learn Something

I was introduced to to TED Talks over a year ago and for some reason I have never bothered to post anything about them even though they are very cool. I guess watching general conference this weekend made me think about posting this site. For those who don't know what general conference is I will elaborate. Two times a year in the spring and fall, the presiding authorities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints give a series of talks of a two day period on many gospel topics that are of current importance. This is an important time for members of the Church to hear the Prophet and Apostles speak and here the Word of the Lord. The talks are broadcast world wide via internet and satelite and published a month or so later in print and other media. There is always a large influx of people to Salt Lake City, Utah during conference time to see the sessions in person. in general it is a pretty big deal for "Mormons". These talks are very spiritual and they seem to renew our spiritual batteries.

Here is a link if you are interested.

The TED talks could almost be described as a secular general conference. The talks are about various topics (TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design) from various experts from various fields (I know that is a lot of various'), and all of the ones I have watched have been very thought provoking, and pretty entertaining. Below are a couple of my favorites and here is a link to the main site.

Let me know if you see any good ones I haven't watched all of them yet.

Adam Savage (from Mythbusters)

Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs)

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