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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Can Cyborg Armies Be Far Behind?

First powered armor and now full fledged cyborg parts, man assimilation is not far off.


I forgot the eye camera.


Aaron said...

This isn't the first article I have seen about these kind of suits. There are other companies developing this kind of tech as well.

Cyborg are not far off. One day, children will be genetically alter in utero to make sure they have no genetic defects, then they will be born and implanted with devices that allow them to interface with the world around them including their power suit when old enough.

The Skynet will start taking over our childrens mind directly and use them as terminators instead of having to put machines in harms way for the war. It is coming!! ;)

Scott said...

Ah yes, I too look forward to the day that we bow down to our robot overlords. Two of the articles are a little dated, but when combined with the actual prosthetic limb it is way creepy.