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Friday, October 3, 2008

Stupid Blog For Jerks!!!

Hello all

I was notified by a couple of people (they would get pats on the back but they live in other states) that the blog has been crashing when they tried to read it. I never noticed because it has worked fine for me. I tried it today in IE 7 at home and was finally able to replicate the error. Since I use Firefox 99% of the time I never noticed. I believe the error was caused by my post about being able to embed books in blogs so I removed the offending post and we will see if it works.

Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: fixed some text errors (I didn't proof it very well)


Jeff said...

Yea, I can read your blog again. I sure work will be so pleased.

Anonymous said...

Now that it works I can read something on the internet,hereto void of things to read about people and their rants about stuff and things.

Scott H
I mean S Harding (to protect my identity)

Scott said...

hold on... wait a minute.... a sarcastic commenter on the innerwebz who would have ever guessed that would happen.

I try to keep it at least 75% rant free but with it being an election year I am finding it more and more difficult.