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Friday, October 10, 2008

Insane Ideas For Politics That Just Might Work!

I mentioned in a previous post politics depress me, but as I have thought about it some more, it is less the politics and more the politicians. For various reason neither of the major party candidates impress me very much this election cycle, and their respective political parties impress me even less.

Third party candidates are an option, except for the facts that you may be throwing away your vote, and many of them are wackadoos (technical term). For example, the Green Party Candidate Cynthia McKinney has claimed that the US military "Executed" 5000 prisoners from the New Orleans area during hurricane Katrina. I'd like someone to show me the empty prison. The other third party candidates aren't much better.

In my frustration I tried to boil down what exactly it is that drives me crazy about politicians. I am not a political scientist or anything, but I have come up with a list of five things and  two honorable mentions that are sore spots for me, and I think politicians need to agree to before we can elect them to national office.

The honorable mentions are the elimination of gerrymandering and the implementation of congressional term limits. We have them for the president, and need them for congress. I understand the need for the judiciary to be lifetime appointments. Unfortunately we have areas in the US where the politicians are more like royalty, and seem to be elected for life. Then there are the families that are lifelong political families and rule over many generations. Didn't we have a big war with England a couple hundred years ago to end that sort of thing?

Now that the honorable mentions are done, here is the list.

1. Intense and thorough psychological examinations and background checks. Police officers have to have them to make sure they are suited to the job and not on some power trip. Politicians need the same thing. I know this happens to some extent, but they need to be more thorough.
2. No more of this political party crap. Each individual runs for office on their own merits, Each bill or law should be done the same way. No more straight party line voting.

3. If we are going to have to put up with Pork there should be a small individual cap each year. Then those numbers and where the money went should be posted along with the congressperson who sponsored it so the constituents can see who government is really working for.

4. Everyone in public office should be required to read either the Constitution or corresponding document for their realm of stewardship depending on where they preside once a quarter. If they have deviated they need to be booted.

5. Last, but not least, Chastity Belts. Some may call me prudish for this, but how many politicians have humiliated themselves, and the country through their indiscretions. It terrifies me to think of how easily this sort of activity could lead to a politician being in the position to be blackmailed. Let them have a single key to be held at all times by their spouse, and the rest of the time they need to keep it locked up.

What do you think? Have I left anything out? Should these be adjusted? Am I just a raving lunatic? Post your input below.


Aaron said...

First, yes, you are a raving lunatic. ;P

That being said, The honorable mentions...the term limit would be higher on my list. It is a problem and should be corrected.

I like the pork limit and tracking. I think it would be nice, like a registered sex offender has to register where he lives or be subject to legal troubles, make them register and then inform everyone they work for what they have done and why. I am sure the information is available now, but it would be pretty difficult to dig it all out.

Chastitiy belts...part of me agrees, but part of me says that is the government putting requirements in place on people that tread on individual liberties a bit too much. I agree politicians need to keep themselves free of things they could be blackmailed about, but putting restricitions on them that are not on them because they are politicians...I would have to think about that one long and hard.

I do think we should boot them for things like that. Pres. Clinton, on company time while in his oval office was with Ms Lewinski. What person in what company caught having sex in his office would not be fired? Can't beleive that while thing.

That would be a new thing, a list of things that if politicians, including the president are proven to have done, they are booted from office. The president has the whole impeachment process which is way to political. He was caught without a doubt doing things that should have gotten him fired.

I woudl write more, but need to run. May have to come back to this one.

Scott said...

I was joking a little on the chastity belt thing, but sexual indiscretion has become a serious problem in politics. I could probably name five politicians just off the top of my head that have gotten into trouble over it recently. A list of bootable offenses would be a good idea but getting a list people would agree on would be an act of congress (pun intended)

kareuh said...

I have to agree with you that politics are a bit depressing. But for some reason it's like crack. I have to listen to talk radio every day to get my fix...or update as it were. (Maybe I am just getting old)

I think before implementing any roles for politicians Aaron has a point...creating a rule just because they are a politician won't work.

We need to take a business approach to politics. Sure you could say the president is the CEO, and congress is the board of directors, however most businesses have regulatory bodies to "tell" them how to run their business. Or to hold them accountable when the business is losing money, not meeting mandatory competencies, and not compliant with (in this case the constitution).

I guess the biggest problem is finding these people who are honest,true, chaste, benevolant, virtuaous and good to all men who will hold them accountable, be fair and consistent and make honorable, informed decisions for the betterment of our country.

That is our duty as parents to raise our children with those characteristics to make their future much better than ours.