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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Avatars: Anonymous Fun For Everyone

You may have noticed my new picture on my profile section. This is my perpetually young, idealized, Manga-self that I created using this site. It does a really good job, but it does have some limitations. One of which is the fact that everyone looks 20 years old and I couldn't get my mole just right.

I have noticed there are a lot of avatar creation sites out there now as everyone is looking to represent themselves in some new and exciting way. There is a Simpsons' avatar creator and for those of you wishing a more retro look like the image to the left try Yearbook Yourself. For some people it may be strange to represent yourself as something different, but for me, and I would imagine most geeks my age it isn't unusual at all. I have spent years playing video games where I was a short plumber, or a blue spiky hedgehog. I have been an assassin, a commando, and a vampire hunter. I have played male and female characters and all manner of unnatural and supernatural beings.

I am used to having a digital presence that looks nothing like me in real life. Role playing games have made a difference in my attitudes as well. I have played games with people that haven't gamed much at all, and when given the choice of character model they always choose the one that is most like them. I don't know if they are afraid to try something new, or if it is just because they are drawing on what they are comfortable with. For me it is more a choice of aesthetics. I pick what looks best to me at the time, and often times I will switch if I have the opportunity. My Dungeons and Dragons friends would give me a hard time for the number of characters I would cycle through. I would play various races and sexes and I would often try out unusual combinations, and I never had any sort of identity crisis because of it.

Have fun playing with the avatars and as my Mom always said "Don't forget who you are"     

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kareuh said...

I wish that was really your high school picture. I think it is freakin hilarious.