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Monday, September 22, 2008

T-Shirt of the Week #3

I was looking at a bunch of childhood photos this last week and it became quickly apparent that I was in training to be a geek early on. In nearly every picture I was wearing a comic book shirt. My son thought it was awesome that dad wore shirts like he does when he was little. While reminiscing about the past I started thinking about why  t-shirts are so popular among the geek crowd, and the conclusion I came to was they are like a secret handshake to secret society, or the fish symbol to some Christians. They help to identify one another. When a geek walks down the street and sees a t-shirt with a seemingly random and obscure saying on it they know they they have encountered a kindred soul. Since there are many flavors of geeks out there the shirt can also distinguish what type you are dealing with. Another way to look at it is to think of them as a jersey for a sports team. Only the sport rarely requires any physical ability. I know this analogy may be painful to the "Jocks" out there but this is a legitimate comparison. Today's shirt can be found here, and in remembrance of my comic book filled youth it can be  interpreted by you local comic book geek.

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