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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Levels of Nerditity!

I have reached a new low in my geekery. I woke up this morning around a quarter to five after having a Star Trek dream. Normally this wouldn't be that bad, but I fortunate enough to dream about one of the good series, I had to dream about Voyager! Its OK, go ahead and shake your heads in disgust. I understand, I would be doing the same thing if you were telling the story.

I have no idea why I dreamed about Star Trek, let alone Voyager. I haven't watched any of them in at least a couple of years. I am not what you would call a stereotypical Star Trek fan. I don't identify myself as a "Trekker" or "Trekkie" I have never had the desire to dress up in uniform, or learn the Klingon tongue.  I did watch the shows though... a lot. Even though I watched them all I enjoyed some much more more than the others. If I had to rate them in order of preference it would be :

1. The Next Generation
2. The Original Series
3. Enterprise
4. Voyager
5. Deep Space Nine
(I am not including the animated series because I never really watched it)

I actually disliked Voyager and DS9 about the same. Voyager wins because it had 7 of 9 and the hologram doctor, and DS9 loses because it had the most... annoying... character... ever... Kira Nerys. I know some people may think my order is insane, but like I said, I am not a hard core Trekker so I don't really care. =0)

Are any of you Trek fans how would you place the order?


Aaron said...

I order them this way:

1. Next Gen
2. Origional
3. DS9
4. Voyager
5. Enterprise

I actually liked many of the things that DS9 did. The on the station, politics of the planet they are orbiting around as a quest, the big war at the end fo the series. All pretty cool. Kira didn't annoy me and the trill race development was cool.

Voyager had some high points, the higest of which was 7 of 9 ;) It wasn't horrible.

Enterprise, I didn't watch initally and when I tried to start watching it, every single episode I watched seemed to be a race from the future time traveling to attack the Humans and they kept figuring out how to fend them off. I am sorry, a race that has the power and knowledge to time travel decides to go after a race that is that far pre-time travel has no chance of surving the battle. Like Independance Day, nice movie, but if this race has the shields and destructive power they do, there is nothing we can do except become subject to them and hope they do not wipe us out and decide to let the slaves live.

Anyway, that is my order.

Scott said...

I did like the war stuff from the end of DS9 It finally felt like they were getting out of the station and doing something to me. I also agree that the time travel stuff was a little convoluted in Enterprise but it seemed to get a lot better once they got out of that story arc.