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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have reached political saturation. I haven't been able to turn on the radio or television for months without hearing someone calling someone else names, or fighting about one thing or another. The innerwebz are loaded with people whining about the unfair treatment of this candidate, or that candidate. I can't go to my favorite movie or technology sites anymore because they have all begun to amp up their political coverage.  I quit turning on the radio on my commute a little over a week ago and have just been listening to my MP3 player on the drive. It is amazing how much calmer I feel when I get to work or home not having had to listen to all the rubbish for 35 minutes.

One of the side effects of listening to my zune on the way to work is a renewed love of my music. It is great, I can plug in my ear buds (which is almost as good as plugging the machine directly into my brain) and completely zone out. I am hearing songs and albums that I haven't listened to in years. One of the problems I have notice with playing my songs on random shuffle is you don't get the effect of a complete album. I used to pop in a CD and listen to the whole thing. Now, even if I  slightly don't want to hear a song I just jump right past it. I wonder if not listening to the songs in the context the whole album lessons the quality.

Since I started listening again I have found myself repeating a few of the same albums over and over. Most of them so often I can repeat the lyrics word for word. This got me to thinking about what my favorite "listening" album was. I decided to pick my top five regular album (no "best ofs", compilations' etc.).

My top five in no particular order are as follows:
  • Violator (Depeche Mode) I have loved this album since it came out
  • Prolonging the Magic (Cake) This is just fun to listen to.
  • Stunt (Bare Naked Ladies) 
  • Substance (New Order) This is a little bit of a cheat it is a double album
  • Violent Femmes (Violent Femmes) Another one I have likes since I was a wee lad
Honorable mention goes to the Blue Album by Weezer. There are a ton of other albums I really like. I especially like live albums and some of the "best of" albums but for just sitting back and chilling out to some good music these are definitely my pick.

What are your picks?

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