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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One of the Guys

I noticed when I was younger that adults always had "A Guy" for everything. I have to take the car to my "car guy", or I have to talk to my "furnace guy". I would like to announce that since buying a house I have dramatically increased my number of "guys"

Since buying the house we have acquired a "tree guy" from my father in law. To my great sadness we had a huge ash tree in the front yard that needed to be taken down. Next we got a "HVAC guy" because the furnace and AC needed replacing. Last night I was working with our "lawnmower guy" because our mower was acting up. My wife found a "piano tuning guy" this week (we don't even have a piano yet). Currently we are looking for an "electrical guy" for some minor rewiring around the house. We also need a "fridge guy" (we are looking for a good deal on a fridge), a "drywall guy" (we are planning to finish the basement), and a "plumbing guy" (because our sump pump needs to be rerouted).

Buying a house sure does require a lot of work, and to think I figured it would be a simple prospect. So do any of you have "guys" for anything, or are you one of those "guys"? I used to be the parking guy for many of my friends, and now I am the map guy for people who need a map made. Let me know in the comments.

By the way this isn't meant to be misogynistic they could just as easily be "Gals".


Aaron said...

I don't have many guys, because I do alot of that stuff myself. I have a car guy, I have a furance guy and I have a garage door guy (cars need fixin', furance broke at 8:00 pm when it was 20 degrees so I could not afford to figure it out and order parts myself, and tensioned garge door springs kill people if they break during repairs, better to let the professional take the risk while I watch tv).

Electrical, dry wall, plumbing, framing, finishing...I am my own guy for those. Oh, I could be your electrical, drywall and plumbing guy, I will just swing over....oh...wait...that is a long drive. Sorry, I would love to help but the drive is just too long (best kind of offer to help somone is the offer they can't accept so you get points for being willing even though there is no chance they can accept the help so you don't have to do anything ;P)

Well, pick up your house and move it to Chicago, and I will do those basic things for you! ;)

Scott said...

Chicago would be a little too much of a commute. =0)
I have done some framing and drywall myself and could do a lot of that work, but unfortunately the community we are in requires insane amounts of permits. You have to take classes to be able to do some of this stuff yourself (according to the city). So it is easier to just get a "guy" that has jumped all the hoops already.

Raspberry said...

Totally hear you on all the work that has to go into moving into a new house - we've done it a couple times now and there's alway something that comes up.

Try Mark Harston for your electrical guy - he was our HT and did some stuff for us when we were getting our house out there ready for a rental. Also, he knows a lot of 'guys' and could probably hook you up with some others.

Scott said...

It is funny you mention Mark we had him do some work, but he is getting out of doing side work and he suggested some other "Guys".