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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bat vs. Man

Well it is official, we are running out of ways to make energy that aren't harmful to the environment.It seems like if you look hard enough you can nit pick apart any energy solution. If the environmental extremists had their way there would be no humans left on earth. I have always been confused as to why people who think humans are so bad don't have enough self loathing to kill themselves. Not that I am advocating mass sucide.

I think we should take some cues from the movie the movie Monsters Inc. In the movie they harnessed the screams of children, and then found later laughter worked better. Maybe we could figure out a way to harness liberal whinyness, or white guilt. Wait! I have it, if only we could harness the power of sarcasm....

I listened to too much political radio this morning this post had a cathartic effect on me.

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