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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Identity Theft

I am glad I waited to write this post until today. A few weeks ago my wife made the unfortunate mistake of opening an email she thought was fom our bank asking her to verify her banking logon credentials as soon as she did the nefarious bandits tried to steal our money. Fortunately for us our bank froze the account immediately and we lost nothing. We did have to switch our accounts and change all of our autopay options which was a huge hassle but in the end harmless.

I was a little surprised my wife fell for the scam. She is very intelligent and fairly internet savvy, but this was something she had never come across before. I have heard about these Phishing scams for years. I have even got emails trying to get my paypal, amazon and many other accounts. I ususally delete them, or if I am feeling vengeful I fill them out with a bunch of colorful insults about how they need to get a real job and whatnot. We live in a time where a lot of business is done online and if business is being done online so is crime. It never hurts to be extra careful and remember that your bank will never ask you to supply that type of info in an email.

The reason I am glad I waited until today to write is because, just as I was leaving the house this morning I got a call from our credit card company requesting verification of some transactions I made yesterday. At the gas station on my way to work the first pump I ran my card through had a busted display, and the second pump didn't work either, so by the time I tried my card they had locked me out. I had to go inside to pay. I am glad my credit car company called though I would rather them call me about every transaction made than have someone steal my identity. It is a good idea to check and see what kind of protection your card company provides you may be happily surprised like we were or frustrated and angry when something bad happens.

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