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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I have been meaning to get this post written for weeks now. I just keep pushing it to the back burner because I have been so busy with the new house. We still haven't moved in yet but almost all of our little projects are finished and our final occupancy inspection is Thursday the 21st. I am looking forawrd to being settle in. I had no idea how much crap you have to take care of to move into a house.

Speaking of our house I looked it up on google maps and it says the street we are on is called woodthrush but all the streets are labeled Marrisa. Google and Microsoft virtual earth have it wrong and I can't figure out why.

Here is the map so you can see for yourself.

EDIT: OK that is weird on the Google maps site it is Woodthrush but on the embedded map it is correct.

View Larger Map

Well back to work I still have house stuff to pay for.

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