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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Missouri Flooding 2008

I have been either very lucky or very blessed my entire life, I have never been in a major disaster that caused harm to me or anyone close to me. I have been in plenty of snowstorms that closed the roads down, I have been in a few small earthquakes, as a kid in Ohio we had to run down to the basement a few times because of tornado warnings, I was even in the tail end of a hurricane once while I was on my mission. Fortunately at worst these were a minor inconveniences.
We went out to St. Charles County to see some of the flooding of the Missouri River this past weekend and even though the area we were in wasn't residential, we did see a lot of business and agricultural land flooded (some pics at the left).It is amazing how fast a river can reclaim its previously held ground, and how little control people actually have over the river. Someone told me this week that there are two different kinds of levees those that have failed and those that will fail. This was a sobering thought, it made me want to be sure I never live in a flood plain.It is funny how people fight so hard to control the land. We build levees, dams, we enforce intense fire suppression practices, and a hundred other "management" techniques, all these things do is delay the inevitable, and in some cases make the end result even worse.I am not saying we shouldn't try to manage the land, but we need to look at it from a different perspective. What we actually need to do is manage ourselves. Why don't we build smarter and work with the land instead of using the hammer method to beat it into submission, the last time I checked the Earth was bigger than us and I am pretty sure it could take us in a fight.

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