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Friday, June 20, 2008

Lightsaber Remixes

I love the internet. It seems like there is always someone weird enough, or geeky enough to tackle any project imaginable. It is sometimes hard for me to believe that the first time I ever accessed the internet was only 13 years ago. While I was on my mission one of the members of the church was telling me about how you could find all kinds of Simpson's quotes posted online and then he showed me one of the sites he liked. Of course I didn't have a computer or the time to dedicate to the web back then, but I was definitely hooked. When I got home from my mission I started college classes, and had a lot more time to explore the strange new world. Some of the sites that are big now were just in their infancy then, and some of the sites we can't live without weren't even imagined.

Well the other day I saw this site where they gathered the top 10 lightsaber remixes. People have taken movies and added lightsabers into them. I don't know where the internet can go from here.... enjoy

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