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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Arch

I make no apologies for not blogging recently. I was on vacation for the last week, and couldn't bring myself to actually sit down and think to actually write something coherent. My mom came to town to visit the new baby. It was nice to visit with her and very nice to have another set of hands to pass the baby off to once in a while (I am sure my wife will miss that the most).

While she was here we went to the St. Louis Arch. My mom had never been there, and now my son is old enough to enjoy it. For those of you who haven't seen the Arch in person, it is really impressive. I was dumbfounded the first time I saw it.

The trip was fun, but it started out on the wrong foot. After we left the house that morning we realized we all forgot our cameras, and since we wanted to get some pics I broke down, and got a disposable camera from the gift shop at the bottom of the Arch. After my loan approval went through (man that place is overpriced) we were set and ready to take some pics. They have a museum in the bottom with animatronic "Robots" as Sam called them, and some westward expansion stuff, but the best part is the trip to the top of the Arch.

Before I went the first time I had no idea you could go up inside of it. They stick you in these egg shaped escape pod looking elevators. My son wasn't sure he wanted to get in at first but once he got in there he thought it was pretty cool. When you get to the top it is reminiscent of an airplane cabin(the long lines and security checkpoints really added to the airport illusion as well). Sam asked me wide eyed, Dad are we in an airplane? It was pretty funny. At the top you can look out to the East and see the Mississippi river and the West to see the city including Busch Stadium. The worst part are the crowds. It is packed inside the arch, and you have to shoulder your way in to see through the windows. My wife also found out they don't have a place to change a baby up there =0).

If you happen to be in St. Louis the Arch is worth checking out.

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