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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worst... Movie... Ever!

I am pretty excited about some of the movies that are coming out this month, and later this summer. I have had several conversations with friends over the years about favorite movies, but rarely do we talk about the worst movies we have ever seen. I have thought a lot about the topic and have put together a list. I wouldn't call this a list of the worst movies of all time, but it is a short list of my three most hated movies and why.

3. I am a fan of some really stupid comedies, and I really liked wrestling as a kid. When you add these two things together you would expect comedy genius (at least I did). "Ready to Rumble" was as far as I can remember the only movie I ever rented that I turned off for being to stupid to watch. I mentioned to a girl I dated that I wanted to see it one time, and she said that it was the dumbest thing she had ever seen (she was taken to it on a date). Undeterred I proceeded to rent it. Besides, what do girls know about stupid comedies and "rasslin".... She was right, I will admit it. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes into the movie, the protagonists who drove a sewage truck had an accident that will forever haunt my dreams. I have never seen so much "Sewage" coverage in my life and my stomach turns just thinking about it. I slowly got up after this scene, cursing my foolishness for renting it in the first place and I popped out the tape. I have tried to forget I ever saw it since.

2. Titanic... The only titanic things about this movie was the enormous amount of time I wasted watching it, and the amount of money adolescent girls paid to see it over and over. I took a date to see this movie, and by the half way mark I was making excuses to get up and leave the theater every couple of "days" just so my muscles wouldn't atrophy.

1. This one was easy. The single worst movie I have ever seen was "Battlefield Earth". I really like SciFi, and this is a relative classic in the genre, so I was somewhat looking forward to seeing it. A friend of mine got free sneak preview tickets to see it so I didn't even have to pay... Lets just say, even though it was free, I still felt ripped off. I am usually pretty good about just watching a movie and enjoying it despite its flaws, but this movie was so bad that I was dumbfounded. I couldn't believe that a movie so horrible could be made. They used a filming technique called dutch angles throughout the movie . I had no idea what this technique was before this movie, but because it was so annoying, and hurt my neck so bad I found out what it was just so I had a name I could apply my disgust to. I could go on and on about how bad it was, but even thinking about it now is making me regret that day ever happened.

What about you what is you most hated movie? Why?

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