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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sumo Baby

Our new baby Katherine (6 weeks old) is funny. She likes to try to stand up while you are holding her, but most of the time all she manages is a funny looking squat with her arms stuck out in front of her. It looked like she was pulling an E. Honda pose so I started playing a game with her and her older brother called "Sumo Baby" where I hold her, and use her legs to kick at her brother. I also talk in a badly dubbed kung-fu movie voice to say bizarrely threatening things to Sam like "I am Sumo Baby, I eat puppies for breakfast". The thing I think is really funny is it doesn't matter how cranky Katherine is, she is as happy as can be when we start playing sumo baby. Sam loves it too, he giggles and ask to play sumo baby all the time now

The mention of E. Honda reminded me of something that cracked me up when I was younger. I played video games a lot when I was younger, and I had street fighter on the Sega Genesis which I played an unhealthy amount of. One day I was at the mall, and there was an older kid in the arcade hogging the street fighter machine, and mocking the younger kids for not being able to beat him. He was good at the game, but he was mostly just a jerk. He would use all the cheap moves to corner you and win. I watched him win several times on a single quarter, and listened to him brag on and on how he couldn't be beaten.

When I walked up with my quarter he smirked, and when I selected E Honda as my contender he laughed out loud (E. Honda was not known as one of the fiercest combatants). I just smiled and waited for the bell to ring. Since I had played the character a lot I knew that if I hit him with a powerful hundred hand slap (geek lingo for Honda's special move) he wouldn't be able to do anything. So I started mashing buttons, and about two seconds into the round he was dead, and I had a perfect win. He was not happy (and his smirk mysteriously disappeared). All the kids watching were laughing and this just fueled his frustration. He calmed down for the second round, and since I knew he knew what I was going to try again I waited for him to attack first. When he did I blocked it, and then I did the same thing to him again. I have never been so proud to see a cocky chump walk away to the sounds of laughter as I was to see this. After that game I just walked away. I had the game at home and didn't really care to play anymore.

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