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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Sometimes you see something that just makes you think "Wow Really?!" Peta recently announced that they are offering a million dollar prize to the first people who can produce lab grown meat in quantities large enough to be a viable food source....?

I have never been that big of a fan of Peta. I think they are irresponsible activists. I don't think their message is terrible or anything, but they are complete boneheads in the way they go about protesting. I remember several years ago when they protested an elementary school for being sponsored by McDonald's, and in the process they freaked out a bunch of little kids. It is that sort of Jackassery that makes me want to see them all smacked.

This really isn't a post meant to bash Peta, I am actually interested in this lab grown "Frankenmeat". There are several articles out there that have interesting comments here and here are a couple of good ones. Despite the fact that they are focussed on chicken meat, reading these got me thinking, if they grow human cells and made people meat would it be cannibalism to eat it? Can you imagine all the weird exotic meats that could be grown? So what do you think? I have several questions.

1. Are you still a vegetarian if you eat lab meat?
2. Would you eat lab grown meat?
3. Are you a cannibal if you eat lab grown people meat?
4. Would you eat lab grown people meat?

My answers would be.
1. No, meat is meat
2. Sure why not
3. Yes, it is still people meat (but in the not morally wrong kind of way)
4. Maybe, I would have to see how and where the cells it was grown from originated. If they took cells from my leg and made me a Scott Burger, sure I would try it it. I wouldn't be insulted if no one else wanted to though.

What would your answers be?

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Aaron said...

Ok, first, you are very strange my friend. Recently I head a quote when one co-worker was working on some report coding that another had done and after looking at it for a while, he wrote a note that said, "I have tapped into the mind of a mad man." I feel it is appropriate to repeat the comment in reference to you.

Now, on to the questions:

1. Are you still a vegetarian if you eat lab meat?

I agree, meat is meat, you are no longer a vegetarian...that is until the vegetarians get all offend and raise a protest and they change the definition so they are still vegetarians. Then I will want to smack in the previously mentioned PETA smacking party.

2. Would you eat lab grown meat?

Sure, I take all kinds of medicines that are artificially made, why not meat. For that matter, many of our crops are genetically engineered so not really 100% natural anymore anyway.

3. Are you a cannibal if you eat lab grown people meat?

I will not answer, but will pose a thought as an answer:

Cannibalism is defined as someone who eats flesh of their own kind. So, have to ask, if the meat is grow, is it from a human or from a lab process? Or put differently, if a person is grown in a test tube, are they human? If you answer yes to one, then the answer to the other question is yes as well.

4. Would you eat lab grown people meat?

I would let you eat it first, then I would try it! ;P I probably would if it was offered to me, but I wouldn't go out of my way to try it.