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Thursday, March 6, 2008

UN Data Available for Free: WooHoo??

I have always had mixed feelings about the Quasi-governmental group of bureaucrats known as the United Nations (UN). I never disliked them as much as some people. The town of LaVerkin, Utah actually banned the UN. I have always considered them a bit of a nuisance, they remind me of Barney Fife. I think they generally mean well, but they are basically powerless. Anytime they have any trouble, they are woefully unprepared to handle it. And the whole time they are trying to get their bullet out of their pocket, Sheriff Andy (the US) has to come in and fix the situation.

Among all their other activities they have been collecting stats on all kinds of things for years but until recently they have been fairly difficult to get hold of and work with. Fortunately they have created a website where you can download to your hearts content, it is even easier to use than the US Census site.

You may be asking yourself "why am I still reading this?"and "why does he care that this data is available?". Well I care because I get a lot of requests to help people find this kind of stuff at work a lot, and it is easily mappable data. I also think it is a good idea for these agencies to be accountable and the more info we have about them and their activities and the more info we have about other countries and their activities the better prepared we are for any type of foreign relations.

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