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Friday, March 7, 2008

My Son and the Computer

My son Sam has always loved to sit on my lap and watch me play video games, or watch silly videos on the computer, but he has always been to small to get on by himself. Imagine my surprise the other day when I came home to this scene.

He has a little paint program that he can use to place pictures of animals and dinosaurs. Then he can color them in. The thing that surprised me the most was his manual dexterity when using the mouse. I sometimes find strange programs or files open from his errant clicks, but he does extremely well for a three year old. Well since this post is about him here is his current favorite video. He loves the little dinosaur and just rolls with laughter at its little trip.

by the way the ignore my wife's mess on the desk. ;0)


Raspberry said...

I must say that video is quite entertaining and I can see why it's Sam's favorite.

Jeff said...

Awesome Video clip.