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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geek Dads

Wired online has a a regular podcast called GeekDads that I find pretty interesting. It is rare to find anyone out there these days that put any emphasis on fatherhood. I find it refreshing that they make it a focus of their podcast. I think I fall in the category of a GeekDad. my son and I play video games and legos together, and as soon as he is old enough you better believe I will have him playing Dungeons and Dragons.

When I was a kid my dad used to like playing with my trains or cars with me because that is what he had as a kid. It is only natural for me to introduce my son to the things I liked playing with when I was young. This got me thinking about the other influences parents have on their children.

It is amazing to me that so many people seemed surprised when their children act like they do, or when their children pick up bad habits from them. Your kids watch every single thing you do. It is natural for them to emulate their parents. When we get older, it is a different story all together. Adults really need to stop all this whiny crap about how they had a bad childhood, and they can't help themselves. YOU ARE AN ADULT NOW! grow up! Act your age! Stop making decisions that make you miserable. Get help, go to school, whatever it takes. If you don't like the way you were raised, stop raising your kids the same way.

So many people play the victim these days. I guess part of the problem is they have politicians and media telling them they are victims all the time. Because of that they aren't responsible for their actions. If individuals aren't responsible who is??? Surely you don't expect the government to be in charge of your life? Just look at the federal deficit, look at the war in Iraq, You could literally pick "anything" that has to do with federal government and find serious flaws in it somewhere...and people want them to control their lives. NO THANK YOU! I think a lot of people in this country need to wake up and realize, if they want to succeed, and they want their children to succeed they need to "Do Something". This is the only way they can really be happy. I guess the reason so many people fall into the category of letting others run their lives is, that they like to have someone else to blame if things go wrong. I would rather risk making a mistake, and taking the blame myself on the good chance that I would be happy with my life, rather than let a scapegoat mismanage it. Remember your children are watching...

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