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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Comics as Movies

I have been accused of being a geek once or twice (OK way more than that). I have even been accused of being the "King of the Geeks." I make no claim to this title. Besides I have actually kissed a girl, so that pretty much proves I can't be the King.

Despite lacking the right to rule among the geeks, I do admit to many geeky tendencies, which would place me in a trusted adviser capacity. The thing that keeps me from truly crossing over is my firm grasp on the language of "normals." I can see why they think we are weird, and I can also translate insane geeky ramblings into normal language. I have many things I "geek" over. My short list includes; role playing games, video games, comics, computers, gadgets, movies, and maps and mapping tech. (I know this one is weirder than most). My long list would require a couple of more pages. My wife says I have too many hobbies, and I would have to agree with her. It seems like each of my geeky obsessions is a full time hobby. I never have enough time to do all the stuff I like to do, so I generally just try to keep current on what is going on in my various Geek worlds and focus only on one or two at a time to actively participate in.

Lately, I have been fairly impressed by the number of well made comic-book movie adaptations. Despite some severe disappointment, (I am looking at you X-men 3) I have been fairly happy with what has been coming out. Many geeks are unable to divorce themselves from the worlds they grew up reading about, so when a comic differs from what they know, or prefer they have a conniption fit. I really don't understand this reaction. The practice of retconning has been going on for years in comics, and I doubt it will stop anytime soon. Go here for a great essay on the practice or here for a briefer definition. Well, I decided to see what everyone who reads this blog think about the new batch of comic movies feel free to vote in the poll to the right.


Jeff said...

I had thought that I had some grasp on the little thing that we call geekdom, although nowhere near the realms where the blogster and his +12 hackmaster reside. However after reading this I have to do some re-evaluating. First I thought that you had made a typo with the word "retconning". I then tried to read the attached, so called great, essay on the subject. After a couple of paragraphs I could not get my brain to care about the essay. So, even though I do still enjoy video games, RPG's, electronics, etc... I have lost touch with the pure geekdom after you moved away. Sorry, I can't help you on the retcon subject. P.S. if you haven't already seen the Dragonlance movie don't bother. It was horrible. Being the Dragonlance fan that I am I bought it when it came out. It was painful to have to finish.

Scott said...

Unfortunately there was never any doubt I am geekier, but on the other hand I have never owned a cowboy hat...

My Brother said the DL movie sucked also. I may rent it sometime just to say I have seen it. I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Justice League: New Frontiers movie coming out. I should be getting it soon. It came out on the 26th, and I ordered it a couple of weeks ago. I will probably post something about it when I get the chance to watch it.