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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Captain Trips

This is for you Stephen King fans out there. About 3 months ago I thought I would be smart and go get a flu shot. I have heard all the conspiracy theories about them being useless or a cover for government mind control drugs, but up until this week I thought it was just garbage, and they actually did something to prevent the flu. Early last week I saw on the news that flu cases in St. Louis went up from 100 reported cases to 500 in one week, and it was getting worse. I thought smugly to myself, "suckers, they should have gotten a flu shot". Flash forward to last Thursday when Mindy calls me at work to tell me Sam isn't feeling well. She said he kept telling her he needed to rest. This is extremely unusual for a child who could power a small city with the amount of energy he produces. When I got home from work he was indeed sleeping on the couch I felt bad for the poor kid. The next day Mindy was sick also. This was a little more worrisome, she had a flu shot. I justified that she was pregnant maybe it was related to that. When she called to get Sam a doctors appointment they told her they were swamped because of all the flu cases.
Friday night rolls around and my throat starts to get scratchy, I tried to deny it but I knew I was coming down with something. All weekend, the three of us just rested. Noone had the energy to do much of anything else.
Monday morning I thought I was doing better. I loaded myself up with medicine and went to work. By noon I could barely stand up straight and had to go home. Tuesday I went to the doctor, and they performed a test where they jammed this eighteen inch cotton swab into my sinus cavity (I'm convinced this has be considered a form of torture) and tested me for the flu. Yep I was positive, the Nurse seemed a bit freaked when I told her I had a flu shot. It seems that this lovely strain is some sort of superflu (well at least it is a strain that isn't covered by the current vaccine). So now I have spent the last several days dealing with chills, fever and all the other garbage that comes with the flu. Sam is better now and Mindy Seems to be coming out of it as well, I hope I am quick to follow. Let this serve as a warning. If you see news of the population of Missouri dropping like flies you know why. If you have read "The Stand" you know where to head.

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