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Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Holidays and More

Happy New Year, Once again I have slacked off on the blogging, but with the new year comes new years resolutions. One of mine is to write more, and this is my start.
Christmas was fun this year. It is definitely better once you have a child of your own who appreciates it. Before we had Sam I had gotten to the point that it was just another day that I could sleep in, I never got too excited about it. It was great to see how excited Sam got with each present. He was just as happy with a package of mints as he was with his kitchen play set. He has been running around for days taking pictures of everything with his digital camera Grandma got him (I will post some of his work later).
I took vacation during the holidays starting with Christmas eve and I started back again on the 2nd and it was a bit of a shock to the system. During vacation I woke up looking forward to each day and had no stress to speak of, and then BAM! there it was again waiting for me when I got back to work... I am a little dazed still. I think that the weather may have been part of the shock it was nice the whole week between Christmas and New years, but when I left for work yesterday it was 5° F and it didn't get above freezing all day. Today it warmed up to a balmy 7° F the ice on the windshield was so hard I almost gave up and went back inside (thank goodness for that blowtorch). I guess I shouldn't complain too much at least there isn't any snow. The weather should be improving towards the weekend. Am I the only one that sometimes wonders why the weather seems to reflect your attitude? It is cold and bitter during the week and the weekends seem to be nice. It always seems to rain at funerals weird stuff like that. Enough rambling for now, Happy New Year again, and look forward to more regular posts.

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Jeff said...

That's cool that Sam is enjoying Christmas. Althought we don't have any children yet, she is due in the next couple of days, it was fun to watch my niece open her stuff. We gave her a slumber set that came with a tent. Shortly after it was but up in my parents living room it became her house and no one was to touch it.