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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Fuddy Duddy

I feel old lately...

I'm not really all that old, I just turned 33. I am healthy and fairly active, but I have started looking at things differently now. I realized today as I was skimming some tech blog feeds I subscribe to, that they are making way to much new crap nowadays. I can't keep up with all the gadgets and websites. I used to love new technology. I would spend extraordinary amounts of time and money on it. Every time something cool came out, I was second in line to get it (those first in liners are suckers who work the bugs out for the rest of us). Now It seems like everyday there is some new fangled doohickey I need to know about or pay for.
I just got a Zune for my birthday because, I have been traveling more lately for work and was interested in portable tunes and movies. Instead of rushing out and buying it (like the old days). I comparison shopped. I searched for coupons I made sure it was compatible with my old stuff and finally I decided to buy it. It was an exhausting process I don't have the energy to go through that anymore. I have wracked my brain to come up with what may have changed my attitude and here are some of the things I have come up with.

1. My lovely wife has rubbed off on me (she is 32 going on 62).
2. I work on a college campus full of caffeine and junk food fueled youthful exuberance (I know I used to be that way too).
3. I am in the young men's presidency at church, and they literally bounce off the walls or any other flat surface within reach. I have never had to deal with teenagers before, I am cold and frightened for when my kids get there.
4. I live with my in-laws and they are in that "settled in" stage of life (it seems very appealing to be settled like that).
5. My three year old has worn me out...I don't know how a kid that only eats chicken nuggets and mac cheese has so much energy.
6. All my friends are in other states so I spend much less time reminiscing about the good old days.
7. I drive a Freaking "Buick". Just the fact that I drive that car adds 20 years. I need to go get one of those mid life crisis sports cars or something.
8. I forget what eight is for. (10 points for the first person to give me the reference in the comments)(points are worthless)
9.I don't have time for video games or other youthful diversions anymore. My work hours are weird and my commute is long.
10. Maybe, and this is a "big" maybe, I am becoming an adult.... no, never mind, scratch that, it will never happen.

Oh well, I may be feeling older but at least I am happy. I have a great family, and there is always the chance that tomorrow there will be some new gadget to make me feel younger again.


Kara said...
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Kara Weisbrod said...

Can anyone say Violent Femmes??