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Friday, December 7, 2007

My Son the Comedian

What is the deal with little kids and jokes? My son has been playing with some visiting cousins the last couple of days, and at every mealtime it is one joke after another. I think I have heard every variation of why did "blank" cross the road, every knock knock, and every what do you get if your cross joke known to man.

These jokes are funny but the true hilarity ensues when the kids start making up their own jokes. I heard about a million why did the pizza cross the road jokes last night. I bet you can't guess what we had for dinner. A couple of weeks ago my son was telling a story and the whole time he was telling it he was slowly spinning in the living room and adding the things he saw as he spun"So a cement truck was thrown at a rocking chair but it broke th TV". By the end of the story my wife and I as well as Grandma and Grandpa were in stitches.

I did the same thing as a kid, I guess my son comes by it honestly. One of my favorite games as a kid was a story-go-round where everyone takes turns adding to a story. My friend Josh and I used to sit in this little closet by the kitchen and make up jokes while my mom was cooking and then tell her the jokes we made up (she was a very patient women). I actually remember one of those jokes. Prepare yourself to be entertained

Why did Batman go to the store?.........

wait for it......

wait for it.......

to get some bat cookies! (oh man, I sense all of your laughter as I write).

I guess I would rather have a comedian for a son than a "stick in the mud". Off I go to listen to some more jokes.


Aaron said...

My oldest son went through a knock knock phase and he went through the make up his own phase and there were times when we would just have to say, Ryan, that didn't make any sense.

Then, when he was about 3-3.5 we were at the grandparent's and his older cousin made up his own knock knock joke and all the adults were sort of looking at each other and giving pitty chuckels and Ryan looked at his cousin and said

"That didn't make any sense."

That got all the adults rolling. It was just too good!

Aaron said...

Ryan went through that phase with knock knock jokes. We tried to explain how the knock knocks work to get him to follow proper form. Some of his we just had to say, Ryan, that doesn't make any sense to.

While in this phase when Ryan was about 3.5-4, we were at grandparent's house and his older cousin decided to try and make up a knock knock and it was not good. The adults were doing pity chuckles and Ryan turned to his cousin and said, rather authoritatively, "That didn't make any sense."

That got all the adutls rolling.