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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Can I Go Home Yet?

I have been ridiculously busy lately. I spent almost all of last week in "Sunny" Southern California. Of course the only time I had to go look around it rained like crazy, and all the locals said "it never rains like this". I was in the San Bernardino/ Redlands area which is 20 or 30 Miles East of LA. It looked like the stereotypical picture everyone has of LA from TV and movies, palm trees and tons of traffic.

I had some pretty decent Mexican food while I was there. I ate someplace that served something called a "Garbage" Burrito they used homemade tortillas and you had three options plain garbage, garbage with chili verde (pork with green chilis) or garbage with chili colorado (beef with red sauce) I got the chili verde and it tasted really good. There was a big line so I figured I was safe. Being safe in California means not getting sick. The last 2 times I went to California I got very ill. My wife and I went to San Francisco on our honeymoon and I got a really bad case of the flu and this last summer I got food poisoning in San Diego. I spent most of my trip slowly dying in an overpriced hotel room. I guess that is what it feels like to be a celebrity. Well I am very glad to be home but it doesn't feel like I have been home much at all lately I am beginning to worry my son won't recognize me. I wake up and leave for work before he gets up and I come home 1.5 hours before he goes back to bed. On nights when I have church stuff I don't even get that. It is a little frustrating (OK a lot frustrating). Well I have stuff to do. Lunch hours aren't what they used to be....

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