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Friday, August 3, 2007

Things I Miss 1

I figure to start out this blog I will start a feature called "Things I Miss" which will be about things I miss from the various places I have been.

We just moved to St. Louis from Salt Lake City, UT 4 1/2 months ago and when we left I told my wife I was going to miss a place called Crown Burger it was a small local chain of burger places run by a Greek family. I mention they were Greek because they served Greek food as well. Of all the burger places I have been this place is the best. they sell a pastrami burger called the"Crown Burger" that I am sure is about as bad for you as you can get but it sure is good and since I only get to eat out a couple of times a month it was a good indulgence. A friend of mine in Salt Lake mentioned that whenever he has friends from out of town that used to live in Salt Lake the one place they all want to go to when they return is Crown Burger.

This brings me to my second subject of the day. It is related to the first because when we left Salt Lake I said to my wife at least wherever we move I can go to Wendy's.....well after moving to St. Louis I noticed the Wendy's nearest to where we are living is closed down. No big deal I'll find another. Well the others close by are closed down also?????

I decided to expand my search by asking my in-laws and coworkers if they know of any open Wendy's nope they didn't. So I do a search for restaurants on the Wendy's website the closest open one is well over a half hour away in Illinois. What happened to all the Wendy's in St. Louis you ask? Well I asked the same thing, after some internet searching I found out that the franchise owner in the greater St. Louis area went bankrupt and had to close over 50 restaurants with hundreds of people losing their jobs and this happened less than a year ago. How does something like this happen in a market this large and nobody I know around here even knew about it. I hope that Wendy's corporate realizes they are completely absent in such a large city and does something about it.

So in conclusion instead of missing one burger joint I now miss two. I guess this can be a good thing in a way there a a bunch of places around here I have never tried so I will get to experience all that St. Louis has to offer to the burger world.

Not all my posts will be food related I just didn't eat enough breakfast this morning and I miss that kind of stuff more when I am hungry.


Tamara Wheeler said...

Scott, I LOVED your blog entry.

In Utah, I loved a place called Astro Burger. Seriously is the same as Crown Burger, as I have eaten at Crown Burger as well. I always got the Astro Burger which is the pastrami burger you mention. YUMMY! When I lived in Utah last summer, I tried eating there a few times. But everytime, it just made me sick. That was sad.

I look forward to reading your blog and have added you to my blog favorites, which means, I will be checking it everyday. No pressure! :)

Aaron said...

Very Interesting...

Sounds like two things, you need to make sure you eat breakfast, and sounds like someone needs to purchase a franchise in the St. Loius area and start putting Wendy's back in. The guy either went bankrupt because he had bad locations or too many stores, or other buisness ventures that went bad. Might be a nice buisness venture that could make someone some good profit.

Jeff said...

ummmm, Crown Burger, arghhhhghgh.