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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Last Bachelor Standing or How to Get Greg Louganis to Pay for a Meal

Recently I was contemplating life and some of the highs and lows we all experience. One of the highs common in many cultures is marriage and while in this reverie I got a call I did not expect to ever get. Dan is getting married. Dan is what many of us consider the eternal bachelor he is the last of my friends to get married and while I think many of the guys in my social group liked being able to call him up and know he was going to be able to hang out any time. All of the wives expressed concern and wonder why he wasn't married yet.

My friends and I have a sacred tradition we uphold. Each time one of us gets married we take the recently deceased bachelor out for a dinner to the Outback Steakhouse and a movie. You can call it our version of a Mormon bachelor party. Since we don't drink or participate in any of the other various vices many bachelor parties are known for, we needed to do something to celebrate the closing of one chapter of life and the opening of a completely different can of worms. The tradition began many years ago with a double party Jeff and Scott got married within weeks of each other and it has continued on since then.

One particular party of not was when Aaron was getting married. there were 11 of us that night crowded around a table drinking more lemonade and rootbeer than is probably safe. As the evening progressed it came time for us to leave and as we sat there waiting for the check our waiter stopped by the table and said "thanks guys, see you later". ??? We quickly asked where are check was and he said "oh don't worry about it it has been taken care of".??? We inquired who paid, bewildered that someone in our group would pick up a nearly 300 dollar tab alone. The waiter said it was Greg Louganis (The 2000 Summer Olympics were going at the time). We laughed and then like in an old westerns we began eying one another trying to scrape some clue out of the various facial expressions. No one blinked. Confused but grateful (and a little annoyed we skipped that desert) we each dropped between 10 and 20 bucks on the table for a tip (the waiter made out like a bandit that night) and made our way slowly to the door. We stopped several times to say goodbye to the hostesses and other wait staff still not quite believing and afraid we would get in trouble if we left.

When we made it safely to the cars we began to fire accusations towards each other and then started conjecturing on who it may have been. We never did figure out who our unknown benefactor was and since the only name that was suggested was Greg Louganis this event has gone down in history as the meal Greg paid for.

Well with the last bachelor standing getting married in a couple of months I have to get together with the guys and plan the last in a long line of Outback meals. So Greg, if you read this feel free to stop by.

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